The Howazdon are a sentient humanoid race, who live in primitive communities on some of the larger islands. No Howazdon are known to have achieved metalworking or literacy, but they remain roughly equal in intelligence to humans, elves, dwarves, etc.

The Howazdon is slightly shorter and more lightly built than a human, with larger feet and longer fingers. Their feet are of interest because their big toes extend inward at an approximately 60 degree angle to the rest of their toes, giving them a greater ability to grip objects with their feet than other species have. However, their most notable physical feature is their tails. All Howazdon are equipped with prehensile tails, and between the tails and their gripping feet, they are more at home in their arboreal homes than they are upon the ground. A Howazdon is capable of supporting his own weight with his tail alone if he succeeds on a strength feat, and lesser weights require no feat at all.

With their hunter/gatherer lifestyle, Howazdon live in small villages in the middle terraces of their jungle homes. Although with their arboreal capabilities they are highly sought after as crew members for ships, very few of them leave their native jungles for this kind of work, perhaps because very few of them understand the value other cultures place upon shiny metal disks. Also due to their lifestyle, Howazdon are capable of only the following classes: Fighter, Druid. A Howazdon Ranger might be possible, but would be an extremely rare individual. Most of the village shamans would qualify as druids.

Howazdon gain a point of DEX on character creation at the cost of one point of CHA.

In their native environment, Howazdon do not use any metal for any reason; as a consequence their preferred weapon — their FAR preferred weapon — is the Paluldon Club, which is a special club manufactured painstakingly from hardwood, with the head hollowed out and filled with heavy stones which are affixed into the head by the use of tar which they concoct from trees. The club is carefully shaped and balanced, a process usually taking several weeks. The lighter versions are used as the Howazdons’ most common (almost only) missile weapons, while the heavier versions are effective melee weapons which can combine the defensive advantages of a shield with the offensive ones of a mace.


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