Character Creation

Characters will begin at first level with a very few exceptions being possible. Characters are created in the following manner:

Choose race and class. Note the following variation — any race is allowed to play a cleric, and cleric may multiclass with any other class allowed to the race in question. Any non-human race is allowed to multi class. More details on specific races and classes are available at Races and Classes.

If the character is HUMAN, use the method for rolling ability scores by class from Unearthed Arcana. If the charter is not human, roll 4d6, taking the highest 3 dice, 8 times, remove the 2 lowest totals, and arrange in order of preference. After this, each character may lower one attribute by 1 to raise another attribute by 1. If further modification is desired, each character may lower one attribute by 2 or two attributes by 1 to raise another attribute by 1.

Once race, class, and attributes are determined, the starting character is given the maximum possible hit points for a first level character of that class (CON modifiers apply.) The character is assigned the maximum possible starting money per the Player’s Handbook. All other abilities are determined per the books. (Note: magic-user and illusionists should get with the DM on initial spells.)

There are also Nonweapon Proficiencies for all characters; at first level each character may select a number of nonweapon proficiencies equal to the number of weapon proficiencies subtracted from six (so a fighter would receive 2, a ranger 3, and a mage 5, for example). Afterward, each character receives a new nonweapon proficiency on each odd-numbered level.

Character Creation

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