[House Rules]

In general, all rules from AD&D 1st edition are in effect, with the following exceptions/clarifications:

For character creation, please see the Character Creation page.

Equipment: Plate mail is unavailable, but banded or splint mail is available. Two-handed swords, longbows, and most of the more unusual pole arms do not exist; however, bastard swords and shortbows exist, and spears are ubiquitous. Tridents and scimitars are common.

Very rarely will any magic item be available for sale, and on those occasions they will almost certainly be potions, the most common being Healing and Water Breathing.

One additional note on equipment, as it relates to combat: We ARE using weapon speed factors. This is used by each character rolling a d10 for initiative, adjusting by the dexterity modifier, then adding the weapon speed factor to get a final initiative number. Lowest numbers act first. Spellcasters add their spell’s casting time as though it were a weapon speed factor. Missile weapons are assumed to have a speed factor of 1 for the first shot; all additional attacks (whether due to missile rate of fire or specialization or anything else) take place at the end of the round after all characters and opponents have acted.

[House Rules]

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