The Survivors of Lemuria

Real Date 9/06/14

Return to Familiar Environs

Six gamers met with me on Saturday 9/06 at the Reaper Game Store: Steven, bringing Alexander (Half-elf FTR/Acrobat), Cain (Human M-U), and also Alex’s hence-person Lamitha (Human THF); Derek with Gerhardt (Human PAL); Don bringing Barton (Half-elf M-U/THF); Ray running Vorrk (Human MNK); Matt bringing Darthos (Elf FTR) and adding a new character, Darthos’ elder brother Dathos (Elf THF); Dallas arrived late with Barlyn (Dwarf CLC). Dallas’ other character, Anallia (Elf CLC/RGR) was left behind at the former pirate base on Nabor, along with Polcathir, whose player is unfortunately going to have to miss a number of sessions due to the horrible time sink known as Real Life.

The group began by sorting through the trade goods captured from the pirate ship they had recently sunk and those in the warehouse at the captured base, taking the most valuable in the Razorwind back to Jamsin. There, a long series of financial discussions ensued, with Barton attempting to convince the merchant Nikulu of the value of creating a colony at the former pirate base. Eventually they agreed to create a “joint-stock company” using the cargo as the initial investment. By this time the discussion was getting perhaps a bit more financial than many were comfortable with, and it was curtailed, but the investment has been made and the process begun. The group then proceeded to board the ship and make their way back to Kajalla, after an extended absence.

However, as the voyage to Kajalla from Jamsin takes roughly a week, a great deal of time had to be spent aboard ship. One night, when the weather was at an almost dead calm, the few remaining people on deck (including a horribly seasick Darthos) saw a number of the aquatic creatures (referred to commonly as “fish-men,” although they have a name of their own which has not yet been revealed) climbing the sides of the ship from all quarters. Shouting the crew to battle stations, Alex, Gerhardt, Barton, and Darthos moved to battle their enemies, Darthos beginning by being seasick directly in one “fish-man’s” face!. A battle on the deck ensued, with the result not really in question, but highlights included Cain leaning over the side of the ship and blasting one of the enemy leaders with a lightning bolt which caused him to tumble back into the water. After some 30 foes were dispatched the deck was clear, but the party noticed that the ship was riding lower and lower in the water.

They quickly reached a conclusion very close to the correct one, and most proceeded to take potions of water breathing and leap into the sea, with Barton invisible. Once submerged, they saw that more of the “fish-men” had managed to cut holes in the bottom of the Razorwind’s hull and were pulling it down with ropes. Barton went to cut the ropes while the rest of the party engaged the enemy in his own element. During the battle the “fish-men” managed to drop a net on top of Alex and Darthos, trapping both of them against the bottom of the sea. Cain enlarged the net holding Alex, to make it faster for him to cut his way out, while Darthos managed to tear his off my main strength. In the meantime Gerhardt skewered several of the “fish-men” while the bulk of them were attempting to slay the trapped Alex. Eventually Alex had freed himself, and this set of foes was slain as well. Cain used mending to assist with repairs to the ship, and they arrived without further incident at Kajalla.

At Kajalla there was a great deal of administrative work to be done. The most valuable of the party’s loot (gems, jewelry, raptor eggs, and dragon hide) was either sold or given to craftsmen to use in the construction of new specialized equipment. The hide of the blue dragon is now used for armor, and four of her bones have been used in the manufacture of two staves and two wands. (both staves and one wand shoot lightning bolts while the other wand shoots fireballs.) In addition, Cain is working with the Arcanists’ Guild to achieve Journeyman status; Barton is looking into joining the Guild, and Alex is spending time with his lady friend, Fedrova.

While Alex and Cain were involved in these matters, Barlyn decided to lead the newer members of the group to Atras to meet the tribe of Ko-tan and possibly get them a drink from the Silver Spring for the benefits it confers. The group traveled to Atras, but before reaching the village of Ko-tan they encountered a large group of eight trolls of varying sizes. (As a side note, the trolls in this campaign are nonstandard; they tend to come in varying sizes from 4 HD to 8 HD, with damage adjusted appropriately. Most of the characters fear them more than almost any other creatures. And rightly so.)

As often happens, the trolls managed to come out of the jungle on all sides of the group, although Dathos (who joined the group after their arrival in Kajalla) had been traveling through the trees and wasn’t attacked immediately. Lamitha immediately took to the trees; Barton immediately case invisibility on himself and began to maneuver for a shot with either a spell or his wand. Meanwhile, Darthos was engaged against the two larges trolls, Gerhardt was engaged against two more, Vorrk faced one alone, two more ganged up on Barlyn. Barlyn blessed the group and the fight was on. Lamitha, armed with two hand crossbows, got in successful shots on two of them (full backstab since she shot them from above and behind) and Darthos held his own against two of them, trying to set them ablaze with oil. Barton’s web immobilized three of them, and Dathos leaped from the tree to get a successful backstab on one of the largest ones. Gerhardt was taken out of action by the trolls’ first attack, and Vorrk launched a flurry of blows against one of them. As the battle continued, Barlyn managed to heal Gerhardt, and Dathos leaped to the back of one of the leaders, attempting to stab it in the eye with an acid-dipped arrow. Unfortunately, he missed the eye, and was then riding the back of a troll! A lightning bolt from Barton took down the bulk of the trolls (after he had carefully lined up his shot) and the rest were slain and the bodies burned.

The group then arrived at the village of Ko-tan, where they were praised for killing a group of trolls that had been giving the howazdon a difficult time, and escorted to the Silver Spring, where each member obtained its benefit. At this point the time sink called Real Life called, and the adventure ended. However, Gerhardt, Vorrk, and Dathos all reached second level (part of the point of doing it this way was to help these characters catch up a bit) and have now met Ko-tan and are on the same terms with him and his village as the rest. In addition, Vorrk has had a ring enchanted by the Guild, to which he hopes to get one of Ko-tan’s shamans (either Om-at or Pan-at-lee could do this) to put the shillelagh spell for him to use on his jo stick. Barlyn wants to lead this group to the ancient dwarven cave to the west, to gain them some improved weapons.

Questions remain, of course. The group will need to return to Nabor in the near future to explore the ancient dwarven temple where Barlyn hopes to find at least a clue to the ancient hammer. Darthos and Dathos are searching for the dragon that destroyed their family. And it is an interesting question why the “fish-men” seemed so focused on taking out Alex in their battle under the sea. And more fragments of the Lemuriad no doubt remain to be found.



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