This is a campaign using AD&D 1st edition rules, with a few house rules. It is set in a number of islands surrounding a sea which formerly consisted of fertile plains. The empire which existed then was riven by a civil war, the outcome of which caused the bulk of the empire’s land to sink beneath the sea. Now, over a thousand years later, the civilization growing on the coasts of the surviving islands is looking for answers, and facing threats from a number of directions - including beneath the sea.

In terms of rules, the following modifications are in effect:

There are no riding horses (nor much use for them) which eliminates cavaliers completely.

Because it seems to me that all races would want divine assistance, any race is allowed to play a cleric. Druids are still limited, although there is a new race specific to the campaign (called Howazdon) which is also permitted to have druids.

As the players are assumed to be on the side of the angels, outright evil player characters (including Assassins) are not allowed.

There are no longbows, two-handed swords, or many of the unusual pole arms.

We are not using the Weapons vs Armor Class table (which I have never seen used. Ever.); however, we ARE using Weapon Speeds.

We are using the common house rule of allowing players to accept a healing roll as is, or request a new one from the DM; if that option is taken the DM’s roll must be accepted.

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The Survivors of Lemuria