Black Leather. 'Nuff said.


Fedrova is one of a group of 3 characters that have come to the Lemurian Sea environs from another world, via an unsecured one-way inter dimensional or inter planar portal. Since arriving she has spent her efforts establishing herself as best she could in Kajalla, both with regard to some thieving (she had done some thieving in the East Docks area, which got her some funding but also got her into trouble with the East Docks Gang, who kidnapped her for a brief period (she was rescued by our heroes.) On the magic side, she has joined the Mages’ Guild of Kajalla at the Apprentice level (although she is preparing for the Journeyman exam). Her patron within the Guild put her onto the Lemuriad largely as an exercise. However, she has taken to searching for the fragments of the poem out of her own interest, because not only does she believe it will reveal more information about the new world in which she finds herself, but since such powerful magic was used to trigger the rising of the seas she believes the poem may assist her in finding out more about powerful magic.

She is also working with another apprentice named Dhayamvi, who is also searching for more fragments. Dhayamvi has an interest in Fedrova, but at the present she seems to have more interest in one Alexander Razorwind.



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