The Survivors of Lemuria

Real Date 5/03/2014

Lots of those Big Beggars

I apologize for the late posting; my work has been insane the past week.

This time we had 3 attendees at the Reaper Game Store. Dallas returned, playing Nallia (elf cleric/ranger) and Barlyn (dwarf cleric); Steven also returned playing Alexander (half-elf fighter/thief) and Cain (human magic-user); and my wife Viji made an appearance playing Pan-at-Lee, a howazdon druid who serves as an apprentice to Om-at, the shaman of the village of Ko-tan. Pan-at-Lee is a potential NPC, as Viji will probably not join us often, but this time was a special case.

And it was Pan-at-Lee who had made a discovery while ranging through the jungle gathering various useful herbs: There were a number of very large human-shaped creatures stomping about through the jungle of Atras, to the west of the village. But they seemed to be moving eastward. Naturally, as friends of the village, the group volunteered to investigate, with Pan-at-Lee accompanying them to show the creatures’ location.

Soon enough the group found a pair of human-shaped, eight foot tall beings who did not want to talk. In fact, they wanted to fight, and managed to inflict some damage on the group before being put down. The party was very happy about doing this, until it occurred correctly that these might be advance scouts for a larger band.

Nallia and Pan-at-Lee managed to find the remaining 14 of the creatures camped for the night, and their sentries’ decision to locate themselves back-to-back in the center of the encampment so that they could both watch and converse in low whispers dictated the group’s tactics. Using Silence to prevent the sentries from giving the alarm, and a normally defensive spell (Wyvern Watch) to paralyze the two sentries, the party managed to kill the majority of the giants while they slept. Only a few awakened in time to defend themselves, and although they gave a somewhat good account of themselves, before succumbing.

In the process of spying on the giants prior to killing them, the group overheard snippets of conversation indicating that this group had fled from a domineering presence called “Flint,” who had apparently found a hat which gave him delusions of grandeur. Each of the giants wore a crude tattoo upon his neck.

On their return to the village of Ko-tan, the group encountered a large party of trolls out looking for prey, and had a much more hard-fought battle to kill them than they had had against the giants, but triumphed in the end, burning the bodies as usual. One might mention that the two clerics of Pyrros were very happy to do so. Experience was high due to the number of giants killed, although loot was on the paltry side, but Pan-at-Lee and Cain managed to level up in the process of all this, and the non-howazdon characters returned safely to Kajalla.

(Metagame terms: The group worked out an extremely effective set of tactics to use against the giants and was rewarded by great success for using them — I hadn’t expected the offensive use of a defensive spell which the clerics had been using every time they camped for some time. While in the previous adventure the random encounter dice were active, this time there was only the one with the trolls — who rolled an inordinate number of critical hits, and as a result hurt the good guys more than the giants had.)



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